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Kulea Love

Our Services

We are locally based in-home care services providers, focusing on the holistic approach to well-being and needs of our seniors, their extended family members and primary caregivers. We are able to customize every care plan and we dedicate time and effort in researching and adjusting our service according to our clients’ needs.

In-home care for seniors is one of the best solutions for individuals who are not yet ready to leave their home but are in need of care and support in order to remain independent and carry on with their lives.

We offer:


We place great emphasis on the psychosocial well-being of our senior clients. That’s why during our initial assessment we’ll find what’s important to them to improve their overall well-being. Since significant numbers of seniors are at risk of loneliness and depression, we take special care to offer companionship, interaction and communication to the seniors we care for.


We help our clients attend recreational and cultural activities in the community such as:

    Social events & gatherings
    Shows, entertainment
    Lunches, coffee
    Exercise, walks etc.


This service is offered to our clients that need support with maintaining their daily health with a focus on strength training, balance, and stretching.



These services include activities to make household run efficiently. Activities such as: pet care, laundry, vacuum, organizing closet.


We offer a service of meal preparation for those clients who wish to have it. Our Caregiver will develop a meal program that takes into account the client’s preferences, food allergies and intolerances. “Delicious” is always on our menus!

Conversational Spanish

This service is for clients who would like to practice speaking in the spanish language. Knowledge of the language beforehand is required for this service.

Have other in-home needs in mind? Just Ask us.

Our affordable rates start from $30 per hour.

Caring packages

from Kulea Love

Package 1
(Starting from $240 monthly)

Pay by the hour for any of the services offered

Package 2
(Starting from $400 monthly)

½ day a week or 4 hours this would include:

  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Package 3
    (Starting from $500 monthly)

    4 hours day this would include:

  • Companionship
  • Any activity such as going out for lunch, movie, walk or a hike.
  • Package 4
    (Starting from $700 monthly)

    5 hours this would include:

  • Heavier cleaning (1 time per week)
  • 3 fitness sessions
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